10 New Collections of So-Good Floor Tiles

Ironically, people look down as a sign of respect or too shy to confront the point. A few of us realize that something about the floor where you are standing embraces or repels your emotions. And as a homeowner, the nature of your floor speak volume about your personality and what visitors should expect. For instance, when you carefully observe the floor of a police station or a hospital, you get a message. 

So, let us face it, there is always something each of us looks for when we look down. Consciously or unconsciously, we expect to find a good pattern, classic or contemporary, that we can relate with according to our perception of the surrounding environment. Moreover, you may either choose a traditional grid pattern or opt for a statement-making collection under the feet. What is important is that you can speak a thousand messages with your floor tiles flooring.

To create as many options as possible for you, we have compiled a short description of several designs of floor tiles for you to explore.

Sophisticated or neutral

How do you make a design that represents these two seeming perceptions and do it well? This way is to make a hexagonal design on the floor to create an exciting and attractive pattern. You can also offset them with triangular patterns, such as you have with marble materials. This style finds a balance between understated and impactful stuff that can work just at the entrance of your home. 

Art Deco Inspired Floor Tiles

Another impressive outlook you can create is from a combination of freestanding sinks, terrazzo or wooden vanity, matte finishes, and hairpin frame. Having these classic items altogether on a natural background of wall tiles endears the visitor to desire more time. The addition of an art deco-inspired combo is another way to encourage the fans in the case of a commercial center. 

Wood Transition

A typical feature of having wooden features among the floor layers is to create a traditional environment within the space. As a result, the freestanding tub becomes the first anchor in managing space. In addition, there is a way it also makes the interior design pop like a spotlight. Therefore, it can be a great idea if you have a crop of wooden items and wares in your bathroom, for instance. Such things are easier to care for in areas with high moisture content. However, note that the wooden items need a proper rigid finish coating to prevent infection and decay. 

Laying Motif on the floor

Colorful motifs are another traditional way to revamp the beauty of floors, causing a hypnotizing effect. As your choice tilts towards forming intricate patterns recommended by professional interior decorators, you can select your specific Motif. As you add this feature to the floor, you get more assurance of a classic design that can stand the test of time. Moreover, laying these motifs straight instead of using an offset pattern prevents the arrangement from looking chaotic to be more regular.  Click here to get information about Know this before purchasing floor tiles.

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Modern architectural floor tiles

Every item of the home interior decoration carries some measures of creativity. As a result of this fact, you have the chance to play around with the classic grid patterns a bit to consider the more trendy designs. Adding some architectural twist to the mix enhances the beauty and integration of the style. Similarly, the abstract bench cushions and the wall-to-wall windows reflect the grid pattern you have, making the entire space look attractive. 

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Colorful alfresco

A color blend among the floor tiles is another way to make your home interior investment count. So, you can bring along some wow features to the outdoor and indoor spaces through colorful floor tiles. Such ideas can be helpful in a unique patio decoration that probably got inspired by the blue Mediterranean Sea. 

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Herringbone floor foundations

A subtle interest that many designers have nursed and refused to part with is the herringbone foundations for floor tiles. Although it seems as if people have had all it is about herringbone tiles, there are still many surprises one can bring out when laid correctly. Meanwhile, the herringbone tile pattern requires laying tiles in alternating 45-degree angles to make a consistent V-shape. This pattern also requires long horizontal tiles that can make a lovely pattern without being chaotic. It is, therefore, a perfect choice to follow a minimalistic plan. 

Tonal and Playful Floor tiles

Depending on the part of the house where you intend to install floor tiles, you can also try out the tonal and playful theme of floor tiles. An excellent way to approach it is to design your grid tiles unexpectedly but with colorful choices like pink. This approach can work perfectly for children’s rooms or children’s wards of hospitals. Moreover, you can recreate the bathroom from the floor to the ceiling with this pattern consistently.

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Bold Basic Floor Tiles

Using a craft of larger floor tiles in a non-repeating pattern is a great way to spice up your designs. Similarly, you can create a unique beauty from your bathroom to your entire room while expressing your creativity. At the same time, it can present a unique way to manage the available space in a consistent visual flow. 

A large-scale offbeat tiling

On a final note, you can begin to think of a large-scale and offbeat design for your floor tiles. For instance, using colorful marble is a bold statement to lighten up an otherwise dull environment. In addition to the freshness, it can create a cutting edge aesthetic value in the room. Also, it applies to either the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining or the exterior parts of the home. You can still get similarly great results.  


In conclusion, the beauty of a house is not just about the walls or the roof, and it is also a matter of the floor designs. As a result, you can explore these different designs to renovate the home or create a new method for stunning adventure. Check out the collection in our store.